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Virtualization, and the automation it enables, is transforming the telecom industry by rapidly changing how we assure communication services, provide reliability and availability, optimize capacity and utilization, deliver a superior customer experience, and generate new sources of revenue and customer value. The market for commercial service assurance solutions is maturing toward the era of “closed-loop automation,” and the only way forward to support the demands of cloud services is through increased automation. 

It’s critical that service providers design for automation and for scale in order to reap both lower costs and greater flexibility. In this white paper, we present a step-by-step guide for doing just that in the service assurance arena. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Current market dynamics and how they will evolve (and why it’s important!)
  • The challenges service providers face in supporting virtualization and cloud native services
  • The relationship between assurance and fulfillment systems + how each can evolve to support a more automated closed-loop system
  • The economics of assuring dynamic hyper scale services in virtualized networks
  • Control theory and how it impacts assurance
  • RASA: a new approach to assuring services
  • Machine learning, as applied to virtual networks