NFV's Biggest Barrier: Overcoming the Operations Challenge
Prepared by Caroline Chappell, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading


CENX White Paper - NFV's Biggest Barrier

NFV promises to enable greater flexibility in network design and operation, supporting the deployment of virtual network functions (VNFs) in new locations to reduce cost and optimize service delivery. But the ability to install, move and manage new virtual network functions in a timely way is only one dimension of network flexibility.

Operators want to be faster and more agile in deploying and managing services but cannot wait until a substantial portion of their network is virtualized to achieve this goal

This white paper discusses:

  • Drivers for network flexibility and service agility;
  • Requirements for lifecycle service orchestration (LSO);
  • LSO's relationship with OSS and NFV MANO;
  • Fulfillment and assurance use cases;
  • Capabilities that should be implemented by a LSO