NFV is Just the Beginning: Orchestrate the Full Services Lifecycle with LSO

Featured Speaker

Chris Purdy

CENX, VMware, and Affirmed Networks explain how Lifecycle Service Orchestration, NFV VIM, and VNF components interwork within an open ecosystem!

As service providers move from NFV trials to full operationalization, they are challenged with delivering data services across heterogeneous physical and virtualized networks, and assuring the quality of those services. Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) does what legacy Operations Support Systems (OSS) cannot – span the entire spectrum of service fulfillment and assurance tasks across multi-vendor infrastructure, bridging traditional physical and next-generation virtualized network functions.

This solution requires a robust ecosystem of technology vendors. LSO interfaces with management components - Virtualized Infrastructure Managers (VIMs) and Virtualized Network Function Managers (VNFM), as well as conventional Network Management Systems (NMS) and test and measurement devices – to provide a comprehensive, accurate, real-time view of the operational state of services overlaid on top of the heterogeneous network topology.

Audience key takeaways are:

  • Solid understanding of how Lifecycle Service Orchestration, NFV VIM, VNF components interwork
  • Differentiation of network service orchestration vs. lifecycle service orchestration for user services
  • Value of LSO in unlocking the potential opex/capex benefits of NFV