CENX Service Orchestration & SDN White Paper

Today’s mobile, wireline, cable, and cloud data center service providers are all looking for new ways to design, implement, and manage their network infrastructures.

This leads all network operators to ask themselves how they can provide differentiated, revenue-generating services while advancing their connectivity infrastructure, controlling capex and opex, and still providing high quality of experience to their customers?

This complimentary white paper explores:

  • Bridging the gap between legacy network infrastructure and next-generation SDN and NFV innovations;
  • Problems with how the existing Operations Support Systems (OSS) are architected;
  • The importance Service Orchestration plays in SDN and NFV;
  • How SDN, NFV and Service Orchestration can provide differentiated and quality-assured services;
  • How to reduce capex and opex, while simplifying network management. 

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