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Future-Proof Service Assurance: Automation for 5G & Beyond

The era of 5G signals massive opportunity for communication service providers. New capabilities, such as improved bandwidth and network speeds, will enable carriers to realize their business goals by delivering high-performing mobile connectivity and new service offerings to customers. However, to capitalize on 5G operations teams will need to change how they monitor, assure, and support their network.


Future-Proof Service Assurance: Automation for 5G & Beyond

When you access your free copy of this white paper, you'll receive a comprehensive overview of the challenges that 5G poses for service providers and how service assurance systems supported by automation and machine learning will help address them. The paper also explores:

  • Network slicing and the importance of being able to monitor and guarantee the performance of a service that crosses multiple network domains.
  • Implementing machine learning technology to detect issues in the network, diagnose the root cause, and take corrective actions in real time.
  • Closed-loop automation and how a service assurance solution must be closely integrated with fulfillment/orchestrations systems in order to achieve full automation.

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